Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.205:
"The image is an idea for volume 20 message paper that ended up getting scrapped. Even though I was about to finish it, there were too many characters and the image didn’t fit. I’ll go with another idea for the paper.
Everyone, which dream do you see normally? As for me, it’s ‘I did it! The manuscript is done!!!’, though, when I wake up, it’s still unfinished.
I hope you enjoy the last issue of Sunday for this year (2013). In this week’s chapter is the first meeting between Alibaba and Kouen since they fought together in Magnostadt. There will be a lot of new information to be revealed in this issue and in the next one, please read it attentively.
Thank you for keeping up with Magi this year. I owe it to you all being blessed with so many opportunities and it was a very happy year for me. I’ll do my best in this year as well and I hope it will be a great year for you.”
Magi Paper 18&19, Magi Paper 20, Magi Paper 21, Magi Paper 22, Sinbad Paper 04, Card Game One-Shot

Magi Sinbad volume 4 message paper.
Magi Paper 18&19, Magi Paper 20 (cancelled), Magi Paper 20, Magi Paper 21, Magi Paper 22, Card Game One-Shot

「あまい あまい」

Making Cosplay